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Our Roll-Out Activities® are portable mats that get unrolled for use just about anywhere you want instant fun, activity and engagement. These are great if you do not or cannot provide permanently placed activities. The mats are made of a thick, durable material that can last for years and are easily rolled out to use and rolled back up to store. The Roll-Out Activities® are made with quality inks that lasts and can be thoroughly cleaned. Scroll down for more technical information.

Watch the video below to see the Roll-Out Activities® in action! Scroll down for even more inspiration and ideas!


Why Buy Roll-Out Activities®

Our Roll-Out Activities® bring the benefit of physical, mental, academic, and social activities indoors or on-the-go. These are perfect where permanent options may not be desired.  Great for schools (think indoor recess, sensory pathways, PE class, and active classrooms), residential and senior communities, recreation and clinical centers, OT & PT therapies, and community pop-up events. Fit and Fun Playscapes has dozens of Roll-Out Activities® sets and packages, and we can also design custom graphics for you too.

How Roll-Out Activities® Work

Roll-out Activities® features

Our Roll-Out Activities® are designed to be durable, portable, and easy to set-up, clean and store. Made from a durable material that lasts for year, all of our Roll-Out Activities® are cut and packaged right here in the USA. Read below for further information and visit our FAQ for additional information. Any questions, just call or email us!

Easy Set-up: Simply clean the floor surface, unroll and use. The floors need to be very clean.

Durability: Made of a thick, commercial grade vinyl that can last for years.

Stability: Safety is our number one concern. Designed with a textured backing to grip onto floors to provide maximum stability. Tape at the edges could be easily used to prevent conditions that cause slippage.

Maintenance: Daily cleaning can be done with mild soap and water using a light, gentle, circular motion. A spray cleaning solution may work as well, which should be tested before applying to the whole mat.

Storage: Easy to store – just roll them up and stack, or store them vertically in a tube.

Now Get Inspired!

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