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Our Super Stickers® are colorful decals that get adhered to floors and wall surfaces and inspire people to move, play and regulate. Perfect for sensory paths and activity stations. These get permanently applied to approved surfaces and are made of 3M products, the gold standard for quality facility products. Super Stickers® do not have to be waxed over, are easy to apply (no cutting or measuring) and can last for years. Scroll down for more technical information. 

Watch the video below to see some completed applications! Scroll down for even more inspiration and ideas!

Why Buy Super Stickers®

Our Super Stickers® bring the benefit of physical, mental, academic, and social activities indoors in a fun, colorful way. These are perfect for schools (think sensory pathways and trails, PE class, calming corners, de-escalation areas, and active classrooms), residential and senior communities, recreation and clinical centers, OT and PT therapies. Fit and Fun Playscapes has dozens of Super Stickers® sets and packages, and we can also design custom graphics for you too.

How Super Stickers® Work

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We created Super Stickers® using 3M materials because of advice from flooring experts and custodial staff who have extensive knowledge in commercial buildings, which receive heavy usage by occupants. As a premium material, our Super Stickers® feature important qualities that are necessary to the safety, durability, and maintenance of the surfaces they are applied as well as the specific technical qualities needed to successfully complete a DIYer project like applying decals. Read below for further information and visit our FAQ for additional information. Any questions, just call or email us!
Anti-Slip Surface: Safety is paramount. Designed with a slightly textured surface that is UL-listed for slip resistance, making them safe.

Protective Coating: Built with a clear layer that protects the graphic from foot traffic, spills, typical wear and tear, and damaging sunlight. 
Application of Wax: For maximum durability, we recommend applying a few layers of wax once installed, however this is optional due to their built-in protective coating.
Quality Adhesive: Designed with 3Ms Advanced Adhesive Technology™ specifically for floors and flat surfaces which makes removal easy, leaving little to no residue behind. 

Flammability: Class A fire rating, which meets typical fire rating requirements. 

Bubble-Free Material:  Built-in air release channels help minimize the formation of bubbles during application, allowing for a seamless installation.

Repositionable: Pressure-sensitive, repositionable adhesive allows for easy adjustments during application.

Low-Glare Finish: We chose a lustrous finish instead of gloss, which is important in case emergency access is needed resulting in minimal distraction and glare.
Endless Possibilities: Get creative! Our Super Stickers® can be applied in any layout, order, and pattern imaginable to better suit your space and needs.

Now Get Inspired!

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