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It's Time To Save PE

In the wake of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and social distancing rules, Gov. Andrew Cuomo has warned that state aid for public schools could be slashed by 20%. The impact of these cuts will linger for years, particularly for those already hit the hardest: teachers, who are beginning to see job losses mount, and kids in poor areas, where schools often provide the only source of nutrition and/or safe physical activity for the day. One of the first deep cuts that school districts are making is in PE and physical educators are being left to wonder if they'll keep their jobs in the fall.
Many fear they won't.
In closed Facebook groups, many teachers, particularly those in PE, are revealing that they've already been cut, have been told they might be cut, or are facing a situation where their jobs are up in the air for the fall. Some are turning to contract work to make ends meet; others are waiting to see what happens. Those who aren't unionized are in even worse predicaments.
Here at Fit and Fun Playscapes, we've been supporting PE and physical activity for nearly 10 years. We've met hundreds of teachers and formed relationships with countless individuals, from college students to well-decorated professionals. That's why we're proud to state that we're joining with advocacy groups here in New York to help fight to keep PE in the curriculum this fall.
It's time to save PE. We're joining NYS AHPERD in calling on folks in New York to help keep PE and health education in schools this fall. Additionally, SHAPE America has released a 30-page digital document titled "School Reentry Considerations: K-12 Physical Education, Health Education and Physical Activity" that we highly recommend reading. It's a wonderful piece that gives a ton of insightful information for educators who are contemplating what re-entry into schools might look like in the fall. The key highlights are:

  • In-school instruction with physical distancing
  • Distance learning
  • Hybrid learning
Like many districts across the nation, Fit and Fun Playscapes has read these recommendations front to back, thinking about how schools can implement these strategies with minimal impact. As a company, our priority has always been to help schools bring physical activity anywhere and everywhere and for years have options that closely align with these kinds of strategies.
We've made it simpler to search and expanded our product line so there are more options to support the surge in need for socially/ physically distant activities that require no equipment and are touch-free. We have options indoors and out, at home or in school. Here are the most popular options:
- An indoor gymnasium package of 10 portable Roll-Out Activities® and organizational Super Stickers® that can be used to provide physically/ socially distant, touch-free, no equipment required motor-sensory skills.
- An outdoor PE or recess package of Reusable Stencils that can be used to provide physically/socially distant, touch-free, no equipment required motor-sensory skills or colorful recess-time fun.
- An indoor hallway or classroom package of Super Stickers® stickers that can be used to provide physically/socially distant, touch-free, no equipment required motor-sensory skills, positive behavior intervention supports, and mindful movements.
At-home PE and physical activity movement bundles using Sensory Space Saver Roll-Out Activities® that can be used to provide touch-free, no equipment required motor-sensory skills, classroom breaks, and daily physical activity.
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