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Teacher Appreciation Week Is Here!


Every year, during the first full week in May, schools across the United States (and a few international places, too!) celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week. This year, it’s from May 6 to May 10.

Teacher Appreciation Week is exactly what it sounds like: a week of showing your appreciation for the hard work teachers (or professors, or principals, or coaches, etc.) put into their classrooms. It only makes sense that teachers would get a whole week of appreciation rather than just a day (though they do get a specific day, May 7, for National Teacher Day) since teachers play such an integral role in the formation and development of our children. They do teach, after all. Think back to your own childhood, and you’re sure to find a teacher who had some influence in shaping who you are today.

Teacher Appreciation Week needn’t be anything crazy and expensive. Actually, it can be as simple as making thank-you cards out of colored paper. There are many ways you can show your appreciation for your teacher, both big and small. PTO Today, an organization that helps connect parent-teacher organizations (PTOs) nationwide, has a great article discussing how you can make the most out of your teacher appreciation week, including gift ideas and celebration suggestions. Small budget? No problem! Does your teacher prefer to keep things quiet? Also no problem! The list has anything and everything you can think of.

Now while we think a full week is a nice gesture, we like to take things up a notch here at Fit and Fun Playscapes. That’s why we’re going to be celebrating teacher appreciation all month long! That’s right: we’re announcing Teacher Appreciation Month. That’s like five times better, since there are nearly five weeks in May.

For all of May, we’re going to be talking about the importance of teachers, posting interviews with teachers, and giving away free products to cap it all off. Stay tuned for important announcements on our social media pages throughout the month to win awesome prizes, all in the name of celebrating teachers.

How will you be celebrating Teacher Appreciation Week?


Originally published 5/2/19. Re-uploaded on 4/5/21.

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