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"The Sound of Silence" 2 Pro tips to survive the end of the football season


– Written By Matt Schinelli –

In a few weeks most communities around the United States will hear a collective sound of silence. This silence marks the official end of the NFL and NCAA seasons. The Superbowl will have come and gone, and the college championships will be a distant memory. This annual event leaves both casual and die-hard fans in a state of limbo, asking themselves "what am I going to do now?"


To be perfectly honest and transparent, I will find myself asking the same question. Whether we like it or not football has embedded itself in nearly every social aspect of life. With so many games, and network broadcasts, podcasts, and other social media outlets the average person/family will undoubtedly be in some state of withdrawal.

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An obvious question becomes; is there life after football? Clearly the answer "maybe" for some, "yes" for others who need emotional support. Perhaps the real 64 thousand dollar question is how do I make the most of this new time in my life? Listed below are two "PRO TIPS" to help you not only survive the off season, but actually enjoy it while at the same time becoming a healthier and happy person.

Pro Tip # 1 - Start training for next season!

Keep your favorite jersey on and start a regiment of exercise that your favorite player might also be doing during their off season. For example, if your favorite player is a quarterback then grab socks, roll them up into a ball and get to work on passing! You can create simple targets like an empty garbage can, or spice it up by throwing in the sock draw.

Screen Shot 2024-01-17 at 11.27.50 AM

If your favorite player is a running back, then set up some small obstacles like a series of chairs and try to maneuver past them as safely and quickly as possible. Take it up a notch by carrying a book or reasonable weighted item in your hands while doing this.

If kicking is your game, grab the socks again and work on either kicking the ball from on the ground or trying to punt it. Set up a target area like an endzone or put two chairs close together to serve as a goal post.

Screen Shot 2024-01-17 at 11.48.33 AM

Fancy yourself a wide receiver or tight end, then start by tossing the sock ball up and down to yourself. If you want to really take it up a notch then find a friend to toss to you as you job / walk or wheelchair maneuver in a basic passing route.

The key is to not let go of your love of football, but rather step closer to being part of the game!

Try to find others, and maybe even create a weekly training league of your own. Keep stats, play games and have skill competitions, but keep moving!

Pro Tip # 2 - Personal Roster Changes

Now that the action on the screen has ended, use the down time to make some changes to your "personal roster" just like all pro and collegiate teams do. Take an honest inventory of the areas of need you have with your health and wellbeing. This isn't a shame list, but rather a list of things that get us ready to enjoy next year's season. Write down some possible areas of improvement, examples include; stress management, weight loss, muscular strength, flexibility, balance and posture, and overall endurance.

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Once you've identified one or two areas of need, begin to develop your weekly game plan for tackling success! Take things slowly, just like in football. Ten yards at time to move the ball down the field. Make adjustments each week, and spice up things by creating a champions ring or reward for yourself. 

The most important element of enhancing your personal wellness is to create a process that has value to you. Gyms and community programs are great and really important, but sometimes the answer has been sitting in front of you the whole time!

Best of luck and please let us know here at Fit and Fun Playscapes how you "off season" is going!

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