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Great equipment needs solid instruction to create impactful results


In the world of movement education and recreation services, simply acquiring the finest products does not guarantee success. Achieving the ideal synergy between top-notch equipment and the expertise to effectively utilize it is a challenging endeavor.

"From the best, the best results come"

This classic expression carries a high degree of weight, truth, and inspiration. It creates a strong sense of confidence that all will be well by simply gathering the best materials.

Let's tackle the first part of this equation, determining which equipment supports learning, growth, and fun! In order to navigate the dozens of product options, we recommend creating a short "needs assessment chart" that will organize existing strengths and weaknesses of your program. Simple "yes" or "no" questions work best. 

Examples include:

1. Have you used this particular product or something similar before?

2. Was the product effective or did it fall short of expectations?

3. Can you personalize or modify this product?

4. Does the company offer individualized support to optimize understanding?

5. Is your purchase multi-use catering to all ages and abilities therefore strengthening its inclusivity?


Let's move on to the second part of the equation; ensuring that best teaching practices are embedded in the instruction. The foundation of instruction should be equally balanced by the "what" "why" and "how" it's taught. Experience as a professional can guide someone through part of the learning curve, however all people benefit from the opportunity to share and learn with others.

There are 3 ways to create that dialog:

1. Speak with peers and colleagues

2. Attend conferences or training classes

3. Purchase products from a supplier who employs experts while also offering access to them


Great equipment needs solid instruction to create impactful results, however in order to achieve long lasting growth and success purchasers need the support of ongoing expert training. Always try to identify and work with suppliers that thoughtfully design, allow for personalized modifications, and provide access to support services. Following that formula will create the perfect marriage!

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