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Implementing A Healthy Lifestyle


Sometimes letting children sit in front of a television or play on an electronic device seems easier to keep our youth entertained rather than encouraging them to get out and play. By promoting outdoor play, we are promoting physical activity that is enjoyable and beneficial.

We can implement a healthier lifestyle by incorporating these four steps below:

  1. The first step starts with us -- the parents! As parents, a healthy and fit lifestyle should be what a child looks up to and tries to mirror in their life. By creating a healthy, positive life for ourselves through eating right, socializing and engaging in regular exercise, we are creating good role models for our children. Be the hero your kid thinks we are as parents!
  2. Secondly, we must always make sure that physical fitness is kept fun for children! Kids can get bored easily and we want their young brains to correlate fun and enjoyment with exercise. Try giving kids options to choose from and suggest physical activities such as walks, bike rides, or trips to local parks. By doing so, these activities keeps kids engaged and shows them that there is a variety of ways to get fit.
  3. Food choice is an incredibly important step in developing a healthy lifestyle. What we feed our children is key to what we get out of them. For many, there is the argument that their children don’t gravitate towards healthy foods, but this isn't necessarily true: many parents and guardians find that planting a garden in their yard with fresh fruits and veggies entices kids to try foods they might not initially like. Gardening is not only good for getting outside and having family time, but for promoting fresh foods to be readily available for meals and snacks and contributes to a healthy community.
  4. Lastly, learn to communicate with your kids! It’s very important to have a “healthy” relationship with your kids as much as it is to have a healthy kid. Many times families are stretched thin and constantly going and we need a moment to regroup and just talk about what makes your children happy and what they like to do for fun. Actually asking can improve your relationship and will give you new creative ideas on how to get them out and playing -- you might be surprised!

By including these helpful tips into your household’s routine, you should see an improvement in your entire family's lifestyle. By creating positive habits at a young age for your children, you are manifesting the building blocks they'll need for a lifelong fitness future.

What creative ways do you have to get kids moving?

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