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Kids Fly To New Heights With Custom Stencils At Hiller Aviation Museum


Kids Fly To New Heights With Custom Stencils At Hiller Aviation Museum

The Hiller Aviation Museum in San Carlos, California, recently spiced up their outdoor play area with a set of custom-designed stencils from Fit and Fun Playscapes! Their goal was to enhance their visitor experience.

The museum, which sits on the border of San Carlos Airport and includes replicas of the Wright Brothers’ first aircraft and SpaceShipOne, hosts on average 100 kids per week at numerous over-the-summer camps. During the school year, as many as 10,000 kids visit the museum on field trips. Two-thirds of the museum’s visitors are families with children. Many are also aviation enthusiasts, experts, and retirees.

So, in addition to looking aesthetically pleasing, the custom stencils needed to be as technically correct and accurate as possible. To do this, Fit and Fun worked with Sherwin-Williams to provide the boldest, brightest and highest-quality paint for the project. Fit and Fun’s in-house designers also worked closely with Jon Welte, Vice-President of Education and Public Programs at the museum, to bring this custom design to life.

"Our public outdoor areas have been transformed by the project," said Welte. "I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to transform an important part of our visitor experience with such a modest expenditure of time and treasure."

We couldn't agree more. These were the results:




The plan included several custom Airbus hopscotches, two forces-of-aviation-themed foursquare courts, a by-the-books airport runway (at scale, of course!). It also called for a repaint of their compass rose. As aforementioned, these custom stencils were hand-drawn and designed by Fit and Fun Playscapes’ on-staff designers, and came out looking great.

"The custom playground stencils developed by Fit & Fun Playscapes for the Outdoor Fantasy Airport project at Hiller Aviation Museum were perfect," said Welte. "The cost was more reasonable than we anticipated, and the design process was expertly handled. The stencils that Fit & Fun came up with exceeded our expectations and made painting our playscape very straightforward."

Fit and Fun Playscapes is proud to display our stencils at the Hiller Aviation Museum, which has a mission to embrace and foster innovation, science, progressive attitudes and adventure in Bay Area children.

What do you think of the results? Do you have a local museum or outdoor space that needs a little spicing up before winter? Let us know!

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