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PART 1- What is the Power of Play for Adults and Seniors?


Let's discuss "Play" and why it matters so much for older adults and seniors! 

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"Play" is a concept and action most connected to young children. It's a fairly straightforward concept, which most people understand and can describe the benefits of. In recent years the expression "work hard, play hard" has even become a widely accepted perspective or mantra for adults. Yet, as people age and cross over into the "older adult / senior" period of life, the action of "play" becomes dimmer and less understandable.

To understand "why" play matters so much for older adults and seniors it is important to first discuss "time".  Time is the measure of recording events, however it can be used as a description of a period or phase in a person's life (i.e. the time of my life, time flies when you are having fun, the time just flew away). In those moments or phases the power of joy and play become fused, and powers the essence of really living! 


Putting aside the typical rationale for the diminishment of play (i.e. potential physical and mental limitations) as someone ages, there is something that can invigorate the spirit of play in older adults and seniors and help them charge into meaningful actions!


Keep an eye out for the next part of this series, as we continue to explore the importance of play for older adults and seniors. We will delve deeper into the specific benefits that play can bring to their lives, as well as discuss different ways in which they can incorporate play into their daily routines.

But we don't want this to be a one-sided conversation - we want to hear from you! We encourage you to join in the discussion by sharing your thoughts and feelings on the topic of play for older adults. Have you witnessed the power of play in the lives of seniors around you? Do you have any personal experiences or anecdotes to share? We believe that everyone's perspective is valuable, and your input can help shed light on the significance of play in the lives of older adults.

So, let's come together and create a vibrant and engaging dialogue about the importance of play for older adults and seniors. Together, we can inspire and empower older adults to embrace playfulness and find joy in their everyday lives. Stay tuned for the next part of this series, and don't forget to share your thoughts and experiences - your voice matters!




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