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PART 2 - What is the power of play for adults and seniors?


We were eager to delve deeper into the topic of the Power of Play from a fresh perspective.

For many reasons, older adults form the belief that maintaining physical health is best achieved in individual fitness or therapeutic activities. Although there is no doubt that medically based therapy is something that should be performed when prescribed as it can be vital for personal health. However it should be noted that equally as important is the fact that all movement matters and that movement activities founded upon play often lead to lasting success. History and scientific studies have shown that isolation even during physical activity leads to faster rates of burnout and complete withdrawal of effort entirely.

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At Fit and Fun Playscapes, we firmly believe that the Power of Play is not just about physical activity but is deeply rooted in social engagement. Older adults, in particular, are in a unique position to harness this power and make a positive impact not only on themselves but also on younger generations.

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As we age, it becomes increasingly important to maintain our physical health. While individual fitness or therapeutic activities are often considered the go-to options, we must not underestimate the benefits of incorporating play into our routines. Engaging in movement activities that are founded upon play can lead to lasting success and overall well-being.

Numerous studies and historical evidence have shown that isolation, even during physical activity, can result in faster rates of burnout and a complete withdrawal of effort. This is where the Power of Play truly shines. By embracing play alongside others, whether it be with grandchildren or other family members, we can capture the essence of play at its core.

These "Moments of Play" not only create opportunities for emotional and intellectual bonding but also form lasting memories that often lead to the development of family traditions. For some, engaging in weekly or annual family physical activity games becomes a cherished tradition that is passed down through generations. These experiences provide powerful platforms for discussion, sharing, and group engagement, allowing cultural heritage to be preserved and celebrated.

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At Fit and Fun Playscapes, we encourage you to share your family "Moments of Play" memories and traditions with us. By doing so, you can inspire others to embrace the Power of Play and its potential for fostering meaningful connections. Additionally, we urge you to dedicate even small pockets of time to play alongside younger family members, as this can help them capture the freedom and power gained through joyful physical activity.

Together, let us unlock the full potential of the Power of Play and create a legacy of health, happiness, and togetherness for generations to come.

Carving out time to create "Moments of Play" with grandchildren or other family members allows us to tap into the true essence of play. These cherished moments not only foster emotional and intellectual connections but also cultivate lasting memories that often give rise to beloved family traditions. For some, engaging in weekly or annual family physical activity games becomes a heritage that transcends generations. These experiences provide a dynamic platform for meaningful discussions, sharing, and group engagement, allowing us to preserve and celebrate our cultural legacy.

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