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Top 10 Reusable Stencils You Can Paint Right Now


1. Nature Activity Circuit™ Reusable Stencil Package 

nature activity circuit outdoor sensory pathway

Our Nature Activity Circuit™ Reusable Stencil Package is, by far, our most popular playground stencil. The playground stencil package consists of some extremely popular recess games like March Ants, Jump Logs, the Tiptoe Snake, and Tightrope, while also including activities specifically designed for sensory learning, like the Crab Crawl and Stepping Stones.

The Nature Activity Circuit is also a great option for sensory learning if you're interested in providing an outdoor sensory pathway option for your kiddos!



2. Fitness Activity Circuit™ Reusable Stencil Package

fitness activity circuit outdoor sensory pathway

Similar to our Nature Activity Circuit™, our Fitness Activity Circuit™ Reusable Stencil Package is an alternate version of our most popular reusable stencil package with an exercise-based twist.

The Fitness Activity Circuit™ provides kiddos with the opportunity to do squats, jumping jacks, side-to-side jumps, lunges, and sprints - ensuring that they'll be focused and ready to learn when they return to the classroom.



3. Nature Motor Sensory Pathway Reusable Stencil Package

nature motor sensory pathway package

The best outdoor sensory pathway playground stencil option you can find, our Nature Motor Sensory Pathway package is exactly what the name implies: an outdoor version of sensory pathway stickers with a focus on motor skills.

The Nature Motor Sensory Pathway comes in three different sizes and provides a wide variety of sensory-based activities for children to learn from. Additionally, this outdoor set provides motor skills-based exercises like an elephant walk, leap frog activity, side-to-side jumps, a painted agility ladder, and much more.

Developed with an adapted physical education specialist!



4. Wellness Stations Reusable Stencil Package

yoga poses wellness reusable stencils

Wellness activities for everyone! Our Wellness Stations Reusable Stencil Package includes a combination of SEL and physically demanding exercises guaranteed to promote wellness in both body and mind.

Some of the included activities are yoga favorites like Tree Pose, Downward Dog, and Star Pose, but also "the Big Four" bodyweight favorites: push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, and squats.



5. USA Map Reusable Stencil (Small/Large)

USA Map (Large) Reusable Stencil Package from Fit and Fun Playscapes

Kiddos love maps of the good ole' U.S of A., so why not paint them a HUGE one?

Our USA Map Reusable Stencil comes in two sizes, small and large, so it can fit in just about any outdoor play area you can think of. Each of the 50 states comes with their capitals marked with a white star, which provides elementary-aged children with an awesome game: can you name the 50 states?

For a little more of a challenge, try to name all the capitals too! It's more difficult than you might think.



6. Peace Path by Soul Shoppe Reusable Stencil

peace path by soul shoppe reusable stencil

Kids sometimes have disagreements on the playground, which is why the Peace Path by Soul Shoppe Reusable Stencil is an awesome structure-based tool to solve those issues.

Developed by the wonderful folks at Soul Shoppe, the Peace Path is a guided conflict-resolution tool meant to be monitored by an adult. The path provides prompts for the children in conflict to work through with one another, resolving conflicts before they boil over. It really is a fantastic tool that teaches kids to stop and think before they act.



7. Alphabet Snake Reusable Stencil

alphabet snake reusable stencil

When teachers ask us about some of our most recognizable playground stencils, the Alphabet Snake is certainly one of the first stencils we mention.

The Alphabet Snake Reusable Stencil is a bright and colorful way for your elementary-aged children to learn the English alphabet. It's a wonderful addition to your already painted playground or blacktop area - or, if space is an issue, the stencil works amazingly on its own too!

Teaching in an ESL-focused classroom or at an international school? Our Alphabet Snake can be modified with the alphabet of any language you choose!!



8. Bullseye Reusable Stencil

Bullseye Reusable Stencil by Fit and Fun Playscapes

The potential uses of a bullseye stencil on the playground are virtually limitless, so we're not going to even try to list even a fraction of the games you could play. Suffice it to say, there are a lot! No wonder it's such a popular playground stencil!

The Bullseye Reusable Stencil is an excellent way to develop hand-eye coordination skills like throwing, tossing, and catching when used in tandem with bean bags.



9. Copy Cat Reusable Stencil

copy cat game reusable stencil

The Copy Cat Reusable Stencil is one of the oldest - and thereby, most popular - playground stencils we offer.

How do you play? Simple: children have to mimic one another's foot patterns, sort of like the popular dance games you might find at an arcade. The Copy Cat Reusable Stencil works memory and gross motor skills, all while having a ton of fun!

Additionally, the Copy Cat Reusable Stencil comes in sticker and portable versions too.



10. Daisy Hopscotch® Reusable Stencil

daisy hopscotch reusable stencil

Our Daisy Hopscotch® is probably one of the most recognizable playground stencils we have in our lineup, so it's no surprise it's one of our most popular, too!

The Daisy Hopscotch® is a daisy-themed version of the classic recess game hopscotch, with bright green leaves and sunny petals and all! Just like our Copy Cat playground stencil, this hopscotch comes with sticker and portable versions.

Updated 6/21/2022

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