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Family Playing

PART 2 - What is the Power of Play for Adults and Seniors?

We were eager to delve deeper into the topic of the Power of Play from a fresh perspective. For many reasons, older adults form the belief that maintaining physical health is best achieved in individual fitness or therapeutic activities. Although there is no doubt that medically based therapy is...
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Hopscotch Summer Fun


Hopscotch is a timeless game that has been enjoyed by children and adults for generations. With its simple rules and endless possibilities for creativity, hopscotch offers not only fun but numerous benefits for physical and mental development.
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Funding your Sensory Pathway and Room

We really want a sensory pathway and room – BUT, how can we get funding? You and your fellow teachers/staff have read the research, blogs and discussions and understand the need for a sensory pathway or sensory room in your school …. BUT you have been told by your administrator “Great idea but...
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Recess:  A critical part of a child's day

Here’s a question that has really concerned us as a company and advocate for kids health and wellness. If research has consistently shown that recess offers numerous benefits to children's physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development, why then are schools reducing recess?
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